Anonymous Site Foresees Friends’ Futures

Know your friends’ futures? The newly-launched CAMBRIDGE ORACLE gives you a chance to get it out there.

Facebook: Till Death Do Us Part

How Mark Zuckerburg has set out to follow us all from cradle to grave. Nice thought, isn’t it?

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist

Exposed: The Cambridge Craigslist…Not for the faint-hearted.

The Language Of The Like

That chirpy Facebook thumbs-up is undermining our use of language, one happy click at a time.

Freshers 2011: Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Things get messy in part two as we visit Kambar, Life and, of course, the Mahal.

Why Women Are Bad At World Of Warcraft

Youtube sensation Mark Liu decides to find out why it is that women cannot possibly be treated as equals in World of Warcraft.

The Covert Critique

A stab at the virtual ‘poisoned pen’ of the online critic, and a consideration of the freedom that comes with internet anonymity.

Simon Page

SIMON PAGE rediscovers his love of the Internet, after a visit to the tip.

Confessions of a Porn Addict

‘The warning signs were there… I realised I could bring myself literally to the brink of orgasm solely with visual stimulation – without using my hands at all.’

Not So Clever Blogs

Do you find reading about classical music like wading through flowery bullshit? Click here anyway, and let ANTHONY FRIEND guide you to the blogs that use the power of the internet to make classical music criticism interesting for everyone.

Lexi Abrams

LEXI ABRAMS on the anonymous gay blogger who is just “crying out for attention.”

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Two

“Before the Internet, you could only hear this sort of throwaway slur when your grandad had had more than half a glass of wine at Christmas dinner.” This week’s YouTube delights.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part Two

Soon-to-be Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Sunday: I – P.

Agony Aunt: The Pursuit Of Sexual Satisfaction.

L&L deal with some students whose sexual needs are causing problems. Amusing problems. Amusing problems L&L then solve with an equally amusing answer.

Pressing the Right Buttons

ISOBEL PRITCHARD looks at the world of online dating.

WTF is 4chan?

TOM CROOKE on one of the strangest things you can find in cyberspace…

Status Update: Nobody Cares

Facebook just seems to give the worst people a platform to be even worse.

Making Up For Lost Time

Wasting your life away? And how.