Tories choose Cambridge candidate

He’s a Cambridge genetics grad

Now Huppert’s being a naughty boy – say the Labour Club

This is serious

Julian Huppert: freedom fighter, top bloke

Julian Huppert is the Chosen One, argues REECE EDMENDS in part one of the Tab’s new series: ‘Who to vote for in Cambridge and why you should give a shit’

The NUS is butting in on the Cambridge election

But they’re actually being nice – and not to Labour, but the Lib Dems

UPDATE: Huppert Gives EMA Protestors The Slip

Students gathered outside Cambridge station yesterday to protest MP Huppert’s plans to vote for the scrapping of EMA, but Huppert was a no-show.

Student Mob Marches Over Cuts And Fees

“Record turnout” at protest event amid condemnations of the “corporate whores” and calls for the “end of capitalism”.