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University has installed anti-rough sleeping lights across some of its locations

A source told The Tab that it was an act of ‘social violence’

Tab Tries: Being homeless for a day

BEN BAMBOROUGH STIMSON experiences the plights of Cambridge’s homeless population.

Homeless first year inspires desperate Oxbridge hopefuls like him

He’s overcome all the odds

Homelessness in Cambridge: The Tab meets Nathan

In the second of a series of interviews with the people sleeping rough around Cambridge, JAMIE WEBB meets Nathan

Homeless selfies hit Cambridge

People are taking selfies with the homeless. And it’s disgraceful.

The problem with charity

The current trend for ‘social media charity’ is not sustainable argues SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN

Sleeping beauty: Miss Cambridge takes to the streets

Our very own Miss England has been awarded a new epithet after a stint on the city’s streets, that of ‘caring Carina’

Homelessness is your problem too

We live in a bubble, but that’s no excuse for sticking our heads in the sand when it comes to homelessness

Branding the Homeless

KATIE ZINSER dislikes Abercrombie as much as the next person, but argues that ‘Fitching’ the homeless is both patronising and unhelpful.

Big Issue: Help or Hindrance?

HANNAH GRAHAM wonders whether the Big Issue system really is an effective way of helping the homeless.

Siana Bangura: Week 2

An encounter leads to some musings about homelessness in SIANA’s second column.

Homeless In Cambridge: Part 1

Why is homeless such a big problem here in Cambridge? ENQI CHANG investigates in the first of our new series on homelessness.

Beggar Off!

Cambridge’s residents have been warned not to give money to the homeless by an ex-beggar.

Exclusive: Cripps Court Cave-In

A section of ceiling in a Selwyn accommodation block sensationally collapsed on four unsuspecting freshers last week.

Deaned!: Cambridge Discipline Uncovered, Part 2

We promised you the full files, and now, The Tab presents some of the strangest deanings Cambridge has ever seen: including hamsters, police dogs, a casino and plenty of vomit.