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Pros and Cons of going back to Cambridge

A rational decision making process

How to spiritually deal with leaving for uni

It’s time to say goodbye

Latin graffiti spotted on luxury housing development

Vandalism Cambridge-style

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I flew the nest for a reason

Cambridge is no backwater for queer people


How to be a shit host

Friends visiting from home? WILL POPPLEWELL lets you know how to make things go with a bang.

Katie Zinser: Week 7

If you see KATIE in the library it’s probably just because she can’t stand to be alone.

Katie Zinser: Week 6

KATIE doesn’t normally get homesick. But, sometimes, there’s no place like it…

Katie Zinser: Week 3

KATIE talks technology and long-distance friendships.

Tom Rasmussen

TOM RASMUSSEN is no longer a fresher. But he’s had an amazing first year.

Am I An Arrogant Shit?

ISOBEL PRITCHARD questions whether Cambridge students are as pompous as everyone seems to believe we are.