Hellie Cranney

The Other Line

SOPHIE WILLIAMS applauds this fantastic play

Troubled Sleep

HANNAH MIRSKY struggles to engage with an interesting piece of theatre that is just too short to deal with the issues it presents.

UNBELOOVABLE! Latest ADC Show Set in Ladies’ Toilets

To pee, or not to pee? Excrement is building ahead of the latest ADC pooduction, Troubled Sleep.

Angels In America – Part One: Millennium Approaches

BETH GREAVES thought this ambitious production got lost somewhere, becoming pretentious instead of profound.

Me, As a Penguin

‘I’d hate to give the impression that my allegiance can be bought with baked goods, but there was Battenberg on the seats when I arrived.’ This has more to offer than just cake, writes FRANCESCA HILL.

When the Rain Stops Falling

JAMES MACNAMARA recommends a show that will leave you in unbitter tears.

Be My Baby

LEO PARKER-REES finds himself refreshingly un-nauseated by pregnant teens and 60’s hits.

The Government Inspector

JAMES STANIFORTH’s inspection finds this production below industry standards.

The Country

NANCY NAPPER CANTER makes a harrowing trip to The Country.


HETTY SAUNDERS finds a new piece of writing with something to say, and takes a Moment to stop and listen.

The Cocktail Party

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is disappointed by a play that can’t hold its own liquor.