The Cambridge admissions process is Hell

Literal, fiery Hell.

No Way Out

MARK DANCIGER is impressed by a highly professional freshers play.

Where not to go this summer

Think your summer is going to be anticlimactic? Don’t worry, says ELOISE DAVIES. It could be so much worse.

Holly Lunt – I hate exam term

In her first column, keen fresher HOLLY LUNT tackles the evils of Exam Term.

Sounds from the Gowns

ADAM TYNAN asks DR. DAVID BAINBRIDGE about the songs he loves, the songs he hates and the song that just might get you into Cambridge.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 5

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG heralds the end of the world (though not for the first time). Theatre too.

No Sex Please, We’re at Cambridge

ED CUMMING on why we should be laughing rather than lamenting when our neighbours vocalise their bestial bedroom passions.

Will McAdam

Gospel Truths?