Cambridge University’s new Vice-Chancellor takes office

Professor Stephen Toope will be the 364th Vice-Chancellor of the University

Cambridge CONFIRMED as the UK’s best university

*according to one newly released set of rankings.

“Art is art. Sculpture is sculpture. Fashion is something else.” Calvin Klein brings some glamour to the Cambridge Union.

He even signed my Calvins.

Wanna be a Billionaire? Come to Cambridge

A study has revealed Cambridge to have the highest number of billionaire alumni outside the US.

Notes: where biscuits and erotica unite

Notes Magazine: does your relationship resemble a Hob-Knob? Are you more ero-tea-ca than erotica? Get your copy.

I, Too, Am Cambridge – What Next…

Over the last couple of weeks, the ‘I, Too, Am…’ campaign has catapulted to Buzzfeed and Facebook fame. But is it really all it’s cut out to be?

Can-fab-ulously Rich

More Cambridge students become dollar millionaires than any other UK university (well almost…). HARRIET MARSDEN has the story.

The Tab Meets: Prof Michael Sandel

HANNAH GRAHAM talks to Professor Michael Sandel about the importance of discomfort, morality and the pitfalls of markets.

REPORT: Achilles Athletics Tour

BETH SWORDS provides a full report and exclusive behind-the-scenes insight into the Achilles Athletics Tour of the Ivy League Universities.

The Social Network

JESS STEWART hits the ‘like’ button on David Fincher’s new Facebook-themed character drama.

Lightweight Rowers Flex Their International Muscle

TIM SCHOLTES reports on the lightweights’ summer performances as trialling begins.

Cambridge is Britain’s Richest University

Cambridge’s domination of UK universities continues: number one in sport, education and now wealth.

Now They’re Even Laughing At You In Shanghai

Freshers heading to Cambridge this October have received another reassurance that they were right to snub the Other Place.

Cambridge Cash Crusade

Cambridge University has raised over £1 BILLION in a US-style international fund-raising campaign.