hannah mirsky

Corpus Smoker

HANNAH MIRSKY reckons this smoker got the job done quite nicely.

Continuum!: A New Sketch Show

HANNAH MIRSKY gives three stars to this pleasant mix of slightly half-baked sketches.


HANNAH MIRSKY is underwhelmed by political drama that isn’t very dramatic.

Monkey Bars

HANNAH MIRSKY has a lot of fun with a play that blurs the boundaries between childhood and adulthood.

Edinburgh Fringe: The Theory of Justice: The Musical

HANNAH MIRSKY is left baffled by this unusual take on philosophical thought.

The God of Carnage

HANNAH MIRSKY is compelled by the behaviour of squabbling adults who have forgotten to put away childish things.


HANNAH MIRSKY is impressed by an evening that tries to take the pretension out of poetry.

The Golden Fleece

HANNAH MIRSKY is mildly amused yet not inspired by this heartwarming comedy.

Troubled Sleep

HANNAH MIRSKY struggles to engage with an interesting piece of theatre that is just too short to deal with the issues it presents.

Snap Out Of It!

An important work that asks us “not to feel, but to consider”, writes HANNAH MIRSKY.

The Last Yankee

‘Not bad, but not good either’ seems to be the only ‘psycho-moral paradox’ in this production, writes HANNAH MIRSKY.

Hay Fever

“I was relieved when the third act finally finished’. Noel Coward’s great comedy was not in capable hands, writes HANNAH MIRSKY.

On The Razzle

“There’s too much garbling of words and responding to events simply by looking around frowning.” Find out why HANNAH MIRSKY was charmed nevertheless.


“There are girls in their knickers and boys with no tops groping and being groped… It’s a production that aims to make the audience uncomfortable.” HANNAH MIRSKY recommends a discomforting but “profoundly enjoyable” show.


Good acting can’t compensate for a baffling set up, writes HANNAH MIRSKY.

Pop Not Broth

HANNAH MIRSKY was confused not amused.