REVIEW: Hippolytus

Robyn Bellinger was impressed by Hippolytus, an ancient play with a fresh perspective

University Challenge Final: Who wore it best?

Vote for the most fashionable contestant in the final of Uni Challenge

Tab Tries: Anal

After feeling unsatisfied with a fleshlight last year, JOHN BENNETT returns to try anal sex.

Trojan Women

WILL POPPLEWELL thinks this production shines.

Disaffiliation Fever

CUSU are right: we have good reason to fear the domino effect of disaffiliation. KATIE ZINSER gives an insight from the future into the worrying possibilities.


BEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON is indelibly impressed by this bold and unnerving production.


ANNA ISAAC is left Elektrafied by this mesmerising performance.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG growls with rare approval at some ambitious theatre this week.

Interview: The Oxford Greek Play

Ex-Theatre Editor KIERAN CORCORAN summons up his old enthusiasm to interview the folks behind this year’s Oxford Greek Play, ‘Clytemnestra’.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG prophesies theatre to come. And is having suspicious food cravings. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?

Gardi’s Turn 50!

Cambridge’s favourite kebab house celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

Kebab-ing a Laugh: Take Pitta On Us, Say Grimy Gardies

Cambridge has been rocked with the news that some of its best restaurants have been slammed in a recent council crackdown.

ClassicS Cock-Up

Department left shame-faced after mis-quoting Aristotle on their front door.