Review: Best of Show Choir

FREYA HARRIS is pleasantly surprised by the cheesy tunes of the CU Show Choir

Let’s Get Noughty

We don’t miss Wednesday Cindies lightly, but boy are we glad we did for Show Choir.

Vic Sautter: Week 3

This week, VIC dreams a dream…that everyone shuts up at the cinema.

The Cambridge Bucket List

From starting a flash mob during formal to skinny dipping in the Cam, LAUREN CHAPLIN presents the definitive Cambridge bucket list.

James Mitchell

About to fail? Don’t worry, JAMES MITCHELL is here to help with some worldly wisdom.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is a second-rate Love Actually, according to ANNIE RAFF. And it doesn’t even have Hugh Grant in it.


ANDREW BIDEN isn’t Gleeking out. Yet.

Cambridge Vs Oxford A Cappella

CALLUM MULLINS: was forced to ‘take a warm, golden shower of camptastic close-harmony fun’ in the varsity a cappella-off.

The Tab’s Album Round Up

CHRIS BANNON and GEORGE OSBORN mull over Marina Diamandis and punch in Peter Gabriel