Charlie Palmer – Everyone should try stand-up

This week, CHARLIE PALMER wants to convince you to give stand-up a chance.

Octavia Sheepshanks: Week 6

OCTAVIA has a message for Scott Pilgrim…

James Mitchell

JAMES MITCHELL’s being telling fibs. But he’s going to tell the truth this time, honest.

Sophie Thorpe

This week SOPHIE THORPE asks: where are all the men?

Simon Norman

SIMON NORMAN’s mum wants to hear all about his ladyfriend and talk about sex.

Will Seymour

WILL SEYMOUR begins his series of columns with an indiscriminate plea for ‘The One’

Love Survey: The Results Part 1

Your results have been counted. Find out what Cambridge students really think about sex, love, and marriage.

Louise Ripley-Duggan

LOUISE RIPLEY-DUGGAN hates Valentine’s Day, and not just because she doesn’t have an ‘intimate companion’.

10 Tips For Scoring A Fresher

Tired of the same old swap meat? DAVID DRAKE has some tips on how to score with the new intake.

Holiday No-mance

HOLLY STEVENSON gives advice on how not to get dumped on holiday.