George Johnston

Heart of Darkness

LEYLA HAMID and CHLOE COLEMAN are swept up into Conrad’s sinister world in this unique one man show.

Disco Pigs

FRANCESCA HILL on a play that sometimes rocked, but occasionally left her in the dark.

Richard II

KIERAN CORCORAN: Richard II talks the talk, but can it walk the walk?

The Country

NANCY NAPPER CANTER makes a harrowing trip to The Country.

Miss Julie

LEO PARKER-REES is seduced by a mad little mistress of a play.

An Enemy of the People

AMI JONES is surprised not to have to denounce a production that touches on a lot of familiar tropes with style.

The Misanthrope

ABI BENNETT on a play which only succeeds in aesthetics.

The Fire Within

CAITLIN DOHERTY is jack-booted by nothingness in a production with ‘no famine of acting talent’.

Summer Blogs: Faustus to The Fringe

The cast and crew of Doctor Faustus prepare for their make or break week in Edinburgh, in the second of our Summer Blogs.

Review: The Importance of Being Earnest

SUZANNE BURLTON: ‘Was there anything wrong with this?… the production was almost perfectly executed.’

Why Not Review: Libraries

The Tab recommends where to get down and dirty, with a leaking ink pen and a pile of books.

Review: KiD COLA

THOMAS MORE: ‘Clare Cellars has to be the undisputed ‘coolest’ student venue in Cambridge.’

Review: Frozen

ANGELA LIU and EMILIE FERRIS are remarkably unanimous on the well acted end of term treat.