Gay Slang Faces Extinction

Research carried out in Cam has revealed that gay language Polari is just one of 21 languages in the UK facing extinction.

Passing By

EMMA ROBERTS disagrees with God if He does, in fact, hate fags.

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 7

TOBY PARKER REES is dreaming that he’s running.

Exclusive: Cambridge Student Starts Gay Sex Blog

An anonymous Cambridge student has started a sex blog about his first gay experiences, promising that he ‘won’t hold back’ in describing sexual encounters.

Tab Interview: Jodie Harsh

JODIE HARSH is coming to Cambridge, but can you handle her? TABATHA LEGGETT talks drag, hair and celebs with the DJ and party girl.

Seriously, Where Are all the Lesbians?

SIAN DOCKSEY follows up The Tab’s Fresher survey with a more serious look into why it’s so hard for women to be openly lesbian in Cambridge.

Undercover With The Adonian Society

As homosexual scandal returns to the Tories this week, we look back at The Tab’s investigation into the secretive society which dare not speak its name…

L-gAy Confidential

LVJ shines a light on the murky world of celebrity sexuality: is it really OK to be gay in Tinseltown?

Agony Aunt: MILFs and other opportunities.

L&L are back, answering all your love and sex woes. Mainly sex woes.

Bond: Licence To Build

Cambridge University is pondering issuing up to £300 MILLION of bonds to fund extensive building works.