Gardi’s Turn 50!

Cambridge’s favourite kebab house celebrates its 50th birthday this year.

Interview: Vas Annaastasiou

As Gardies turns 50, TABATHA LEGGETT talks to manager VAS ANNAASTASIOU about drunk students, art exhibition plans and aphrodisiacs.

The Fo’Show: Recording at Gardies

JUDITH FAGELSON tastes nothing of the amateur in this light hearted and witty radio feast.

Kebab-ing a Laugh: Take Pitta On Us, Say Grimy Gardies

Cambridge has been rocked with the news that some of its best restaurants have been slammed in a recent council crackdown.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part One

Soon-to-be-Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Saturday: letters A-H.

Where Do You Date…?

BAYAN PARVIZI reviews the best places to take someone way out of your league.

Your Week Revealed…

The Tab’s resident mystic tells you what’s in your stars this week.

Review: Cindies

Merrow Golden reviews Cindies with the critical rigour of one of your better supervision essays.