I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

Forget your “gap yah” judgements, here’s why you should travel

A grad’s perspective on the merits of venturing beyond the bubble…

How to convince everyone that you’ve found yourself this summer

For when a few heavily filtered instagrams and some harem pants just isn’t enough.

My Worst Freshers’ Mistake

Nervous about making a mess of your Freshers’ Week? Take note of the shortcomings of your ancesters…

How to talk about your Gap year

Twenty year-old fresher OLLIE COPLAND shows you how to tiptoe around the mine field that is the gap year conversation.

How to Survive the Worst Year of Your Life

MORWENNA JONES talks about her experience of degrading and how Cambridge does not always provide the right answer.

Tab Blind Date: Sarah-Jane and Saul

Tab Blind Date returns with Sarah-Jane and Saul! But did the sibilance ensure sadness or success…

Tab Tries: Pretending to be a Fresher

Second year NATALIA MOLINA-HARNO goes undercover on the freshers’ pub crawl

Be Kind To Your MML This Michaelmas

The 4th year linguist has always been an enigma. BEN DALTON tells you how to crack the code…

A Series of Unfortunate Cambridge Summers

Two sociopathic goats, detainment in prison, forced circumcision and reincarnation as a Heian warrior… No, this is not the plot to the next instalment of Game of Thrones. This is a series of unfortunate Cambridge summers.

How To Be Popular In Freshers Week

Being popular from the outset is extremely important. We tell you how it’s done…

How To Decorate Your Room

Want to make a good impression? We tells you how to decorate that room..

The Dos and Don’ts of Small Talk

MOLLIE WINTLE guides you around the potholes of making conversation

Cambridge Cribs – George Williams, Clare College

The enlightened George Williams shows us around his pad in Clare.

Best Comments: Weeks 1-2

A selection of your best offerings. We feel you’ve more more to give…

The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

JAMIE MATHIESON may be a walking stereotype, but he ain’t got nothing on this movie.

Dude, Where’s My Trophy?

The Water Polo Trophy was flaunted worldwide by Oxford, who KIDNAPPED it after losing the Varsity game.

Virtuous Debauchery: The Fairtrade Party

If you buy Fairtrade, then you’ve got karma points to spare. And what better way to spend them than by getting lashed and having a debauched party? ALEX BOWER tells you how to incorporate Fairtrade yoghurt, quinoa and cotton into a night of naughty antics.

Tab Interview: The Unexpected Items

TABATHA LEGGETT speaks to Matt and Max from The Unexpected Items about the success of Gap Yah, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and videos of cats in bins.

Why Not Review: The Concept of Holidays

SOPHIE BAUER has no need to remember to wear sunscreen in a suburban summer.