Gap Yah

How to talk about your Gap year

Twenty year-old fresher OLLIE COPLAND shows you how to tiptoe around the mine field that is the gap year conversation.

How To Survive Outside of The Cambridge Bubble

Christmas fast approaching, the sturdy haven of Cambridge will again soon shatter into the horrors of The Real World. Here’s how to shake off those red trousers and survive outside the bubble…

A Series of Unfortunate Cambridge Summers

Two sociopathic goats, detainment in prison, forced circumcision and reincarnation as a Heian warrior… No, this is not the plot to the next instalment of Game of Thrones. This is a series of unfortunate Cambridge summers.

How To Be Popular In Freshers Week

Being popular from the outset is extremely important. We tell you how it’s done…

Councillor Demands Gown Serve Town

A city councillor has called for “compulsory city service” for all University of Cambridge students in an attempt to get them out of their “privileged silos”.

Fitch The Homeless

DAHABA ALI HUSSEN takes the Fitch by the horns and orders a world-wide boycott of Abercrombie.

Upper Class-Holes

Balliol College have a travel grant specifically for Old Etonians so they can get paid to study ‘poor people’.

Sophie Thorpe

Join our brand new columnist SOPHIE THORPE as she struggles through life as a posh girl.

My Year Abroad: Part 1

The first in a three part series following TOMMY BAJOREK’s year abroad in Ukraine. This week: first impressions, tree surgeons and vodka.

Jonny Walker

JONNY WALKER talks about why he’s at Cambridge, and why we should widen access.

Totally Tom

This was no extended YouTube mockumentary: a critical PHOEBE LUCKHURST is enthralled by the duo’s polished and hilarious sketch show.

Tab Interview: The Unexpected Items

TABATHA LEGGETT speaks to Matt and Max from The Unexpected Items about the success of Gap Yah, the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and videos of cats in bins.

Why Not Review: The Concept of Holidays

SOPHIE BAUER has no need to remember to wear sunscreen in a suburban summer.

BBQ Summer?

The Tab’s in-house booze-hound TOM MICHAELIS talks us through some summer cocktails. Recreational drinking does not mean you have a problem.

Summer Blogs: Gap Yah, Anyone?

22/8: New update from new Opinion Editor OLLIE KAY and MICHAEL O’HALLORAN on their five-week South East Asian extravaganza – more to come, so watch this space.