funding cuts

Interview: A.C. Grayling

TABATHA LEGGETT talks to maverick philosopher A.C. GRAYLING.

Exclusive: Colleges Clamour for CUSU Disaffiliation

Days after leading a student march against fee rises, CUSU could face cuts of their own as colleges renew the debate over disaffiliation.

BA Hon…estly?

Is a degree in ‘Surf Science’ is really worth it.

Middlesex Kant Cut Philosophy

LUKE HAWKSBEE on the closing down of philosophy programmes at Middlesex University.

Hawking Wheely Leaving?

Stephen Hawking, the world-famous author of A Brief History of Time, is considering leaving Cambridge for a lucrative job in Canada.

Furious George

George Owers, head of CULC, has sensationally accused the Russell Group of spinning ‘outrageous lies and misrepresentation’.

‘Morning After The Night Before’ For Uni

Staff and students have lashed out at Gordon Brown’s proposed £2.5 BILLION cut in higher education spending.