Freshers Week

An ode to Freshers’ Week friendships

Everyone’s just so nice!!! Sigh

Cantabs don’t look after themselves enough – this needs to change

Some ways to keep on top of everything

Boring self care for Cantabs

It’s the little things in life that matter

The Best Pubs in Cambridge

Our pub connoisseur tries every overpriced pint in Cambridge so you don’t have to

Being BME at Cambridge

A guide to some of the best societies

Just some of the things you’ll love at Cambridge

Some of Cambridge is A Bit Bad, but most of it is Actually Quite Nice

I’ve never been as bored as I am right now

Get me back to Cambridge ASAP

Freshers’ Week is overrated

Don’t feel too pressured to make the first week your best week

A letter to my fresher self

Don’t down it too often

Re-freshing: back after intermission

Am I really older and wiser or still the same naive fresher as ever?

Freshers’ week is over, try to not panic

Molly talks you through how not to lose your cool when reality starts to set in

The Cambridge freshers’ playlist

We’ve got your pres sorted

Your indie music taste doesn’t make you cool

There’s a solid chance you’re boring

We asked freshers what they thought Cambridge would be like

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Cambridge Etiquette, the Freshers’ Edition: Back to sCool

Too cool for school

Here’s everything you’ll need to survive Freshers’ week

Do you prioritise the toastie maker or the drugs?

Victorian advice for the modern fresher

The world of 1893 is a scary place.

Congratulations on getting into Cambridge… now what?

Much clever, very prestige.

RED SURGE: 12x more Freshers than ever join Cambridge Universities Labour Club

They’ve almost quadrupled in size in just 2 weeks

Let’s face it, Freshers’ week is overrated.

In all honesty, most of us finish the week with the flu rather than with friends.