Freshers Fair

LIVEBLOG DAY 2: CUSU Freshers’ Fair 2016

Drop everything and come here

Goodbye to the TCS Print Edition, I’ll miss you

JACK LEWY mourns the passing of a Cambridge institution

Cambridge’s most obscure societies*

We went beyond the clichéd ones (Tiddlywinks, anyone?) to find Cambridge’s most obscure societies. *(AKA ones that are a tiny bit niche and were also willing to speak to us. Which was not that many.)

Working at the Freshers’ Fair is Awful

We suffer for your freebies.

LIVEBLOG: The CUSU Freshers Fair 2015

All you need to know

I shouldn’t have been aggressively reminded of my abortion at Freshers Fair

Cambridge Students For Life have no place at a fair that’s meant to welcome new students

Pro-life isn’t the end of the world

Co-president of Cambridge Students for Life, XAVIER BISITS, gives his side of the story after their run-in with the Women’s Campaign at the freshers’ fair

Fresher Street Style

Find out what the class of 2013 looks like as LEAF ARBUTHNOT hits the Cambridge streets and snaps some of our most stylish Freshers.

Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

The Tab is back with Part 2 of our Freshers A – Z. Read on for more purely need-to-know information!

Freshers’ Week: A Fresh Perspective

The Tab chats to some of this year’s newbies to find out how they found the whirlwind that is Freshers’ Week.

Snow Holds Barred At Freshers Fair

The Varsity Ski Trip hit the Freshers’ Fair hard, enticing in new blood with a 30-tonne slope made of real snow.

Tom Davenport

“One of those waiting commented, ‘I suppose it is fair enough that we should queue for this fayre,’ which was greeted with a fairly muted response from her peers.”

10 Tips For Scoring A Fresher

Tired of the same old swap meat? DAVID DRAKE has some tips on how to score with the new intake.

How To Max Out The Freshers Fair

Milk the Freshers’ Fair for all its worth, with The Tab’s guide to the freebies you should be bagging.