freedom of speech

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Backlash against Cambridge’s refusal to bar anti-feminist group ‘Justice for Men and Boys’

Open letter calls for the event to be scrapped

Zero Carbon Society accuses University of being ‘undemocratic’ after Sidgwick drama

They said the University is being ‘undemocratic’ and of ‘stifling debate’, allegations that the University stringently denies

Government declares war on safe spaces claiming they infringe freedom of speech

New legislation aims to clamp down on no platforming

Union Officers advised to attend counter-terrorism awareness training

Will Jack Bauer be heading the sessions?

Freedom of Speech doesn’t mean you get whatever platform you want

TIM SQUIRRELL, President of the Cambridge Union, reminds us about what freedom of speech really means

19-year-old undergrads can’t solve the Middle East

After the Israeli ambassador’s excursion to the Union this week, MARTHA SAUNDERS debates the necessity of ‘taking sides’

Don’t Be Afraid To Listen

WILL BORDELL argues that by compromising the fundamental principles behind freedom of speech, we put our entire society at risk.