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How much alcohol is too much alcohol?

Chill. Out.

Famous artist DEFACES painting with ‘Hitler moustache’ at Jesus College dinner

Call the college dean

Caius to hold its first ever formal

They’re calling it ‘formal-formal’, since they have no other way of describing it

A beginner’s guide to impressing your home friends

Or how to trick them into thinking Cambridge life is normal

Killer Clown barges into Cambridge formal dinner

Students were threatened with a (plastic) machete

Lights Out! Churchill power-cut plunges college into darkness

Power, politics, and a barbecue in the car park.

Odd Things About King’s College, Cambridge

IMOGEN CHITTY talks us through the idiosyncrasies of Cambridge’s strangest College.

Formal Protest – Caius students boycotting dinner

In protest over exorbitant fees, Caius students are going to give their fellows something to chew over by boycotting formal hall

Wouldn’t be at Oxford: St John’s to Serve Lobster

For the first time ever, lobster will be featured on the regular formal and buttery menus at St John’s. CLAUDIA LEONG reports.

Formal Hall: Girton

Not only is INDIA ROSE MATHARU-DALEY impressed with formal hall at Girton, she doesn’t even think it’s that far to travel.

Formal Hall: Emma

RIVKAH BROWN gives the ‘infamously variable’ Formal Hall at Emma 2.5 stars

Leaf’s Lunches: Hughes Hall

In the first of the series of college buttery reviews, LEAF ARBUTHNOT reviews the food at Hughes Hall.

Review: Harry Potter Formal

Great food and owls(!) helped Features Editor NATALIE GIL have a magical evening at Homerton’s Harry Potter Formal.

Tab Tries: Being Roman

LAURA GRAYLING goes to ancient Rome (i.e. Girton College, Cambridge) for an authentic Roman banquet courtesy of the university Classics’ society.

Dusk ’till Dawn

Whether walk of shame or stride of pride, look your best with TOMMY SHANE and GRACE FARMILOE’s guide to looking fly on the fly.

Christmas-thighs, mistle-boobs and pies: time to shape up!

Ashamed to show your fat arse when dropping the soap in the showers? KATIE MAIR show you how to shape up around Cambridge.

Debate: Down with the Gown?

Is pretension damaging our reputation? Or is it what makes Cambridge great? SIMON JOHNSON and EVIE PRICHARD share their thoughts.