Sunset Eternal: conventionally unconventional

THOMAS COUGHLAN is entertained by a night of conventionally unconventional Cambridge humour.

The Lady Smoker: An impressive and exciting night

A brilliant showcase of varied, unusual humour

Review: Footlights Smoker

ALEX STRIDE enjoys the ‘few gems’ hidden among a mixed bag of sketches from this year’s Footlights

Ben Pope & Lunchtime of Champions: Review

ALEX STRIDE tells us why Ben Pope & Lunchtime of Champions lives up to expectations

Review: Booby – A Sketch Show

OWEN BRAY is impressed by this ambitious sketch show, which lives up to its high expectations.

Student filmmaking deserves more support in Cambridge

MARK DANCIGER thinks theatre has hogged the limelight for too long.

Britain used to be really good but now it’s shit

This week, ADRIAN GRAY tells us why Britain is a pile of wank


Live from Brazil, our Sports Correspondent ADRIAN GRAY reports on the final of the Football World Cup.

Footlights Interview: Harry Michell

Footlights President of 2013 Harry Michell is returning to the ADC this week with a new show, ready for the Edinburgh Fringe. He talks to LARA FERRIS all about comedy and life out of Cambridge.

Footlights International Tour Show: Real Feelings

These Footlights will go far, reckons LOUIS SHANKAR.

Footlights President: The Interview

Tom Fraser, Footlights President: BNOC, Liam Neeson, David Attenborough, God, or none of the above? You decide.

The Last Footlights Smoker

ROSANNA SUPPA loved this emotional Footlights ending to the year.


SEBASTIAN FULLER ST ARROMAN thinks this production has some way to go.

Footlights Smoker

OJ WATSON feels that… darn it was a mixed bag, but the fresh new marbles shone bright!

Dystopia: The Musical! (a sketch show)

From executive producer Michael Bay, a brand new sketch show-cum-musical by Footlights regulars, coming soon to a Corpus Playroom near you.

Footlights Spring Revue 2014: The History of Everything

OJ WATSON is impressed with this consistent and well constructed Spring Revue.

Footlights Presents: Dümpf

LOUIS SHANKAR reviews another ‘mixed’ night of comedy

Trolley Sessions: Dümpf

Archie Henderson drifts gracefully down Piss Alley in the world’s first land-punt.

Phil Wang & Jonny Lennard

JOSH MARKS and WILLIAM STARK try to agree after an evening of hits, and a couple of misses.

Let The Footlights stamp on their own critics

In response to the defence of The Footlights, TOMMY SHANE argues for the importance of criticism over blanket praise.