REVIEW: Footlights Spring Revue: Chocolate Moose

I was going to joke about how this show was highly a-moose-ing, but I wanted to retain some journalistic integrity

REVIEW: Footlights Presents: Xylophone

Boundless energy, slick performances and endless variety: The Footlights take us on a journey from A to Z.

REVIEW: CUADC/Footlights Panto – Robin Hood

LUKE HEPPENSTALL-WEST is sickeningly positive about a show that blew him away despite being totally extravagent

REVIEW: Panopticon

Hilarious, entertaining and witty – Luke had high expectations of these three experienced Footlights comedy-makers and they failed to disappoint.

REVIEW: Buoyband

Justin Yang was buoyed up by this delightful night of stand up.

REVIEW: Toucan

Adam Woolf is in a flap over this hilarious sketch show.

Toucan play at that game: getting into comedy in Cambridge

The boys from Toucan talk getting into comedy, the Fringe and their show

REVIEW: Switch: A Sketch Show

Elliott Wright enjoyed the company of these six promising performers

An interview with The Footlights

The Tab sits down with tour show director Ken Cheng and performers Adrian Gray, Archie Henderson and Eleanor Colville to talk about freshers, being funny and their new show.

REVIEW: Beluga

Flo Best and Ellen McGrath had a whale of a time and surprisingly learned a bit about belugas along the way.

REVIEW: Hippo Concerto

Dani Cugini and Robyn Bellinger thoroughly recommend this rambunctious one man show.

Tab Guide to doing a one man show

We met the men behind Beluga and Hippo Concerto, both on at Corpus this week

Review: Love Handles – Footlights’ Tour Show

MARK DANCIGER is impressed with the consistency of the Cambridge Footlights but sees more potential as the tour continues.

REVIEW: Footlights’ Smoker

Will Popplewell gives the Footlights’ Smoker 4 stars hailing it one of the best nights at the ADC this year.

The Tab meets The Footlights

Putting on a show is a tricky business

Warp Factor Review

ISA BONACHERA absolutely loved Warp Factor.

Warp Factor Preview: Harry Porter Prizewinner

OLIVER TAYLOR is a medical student who spent the formative years of his life in an underground study bunker made out of textbooks and sadness. Consequently, he has no close friends or social skills

Sitcom: A Sitcom Review

LOUIS SHANKAR was impressed by this new writing from a group of freshers which shows promise, but doesn’t quite fulfil its potential.

A Whole Lot of Bother: A whole lot of fun

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN has a whale of a time at the Footlights Spring Revue, and this time they’ve gone old school.

Bafflesmash discuss comedy, thug-life and Aristotle

CONSTANCE CHAPMAN comes away from her meeting with Bafflesmash feeling, well… baffled.