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Pembroke students have beef with catering over constant ‘cultural misrepresentation’

The staff were “upset” they had offended students

Veganuary. No, it’s not a cult.

Yes, I’m a vegan. And yes, I am going to talk a lot about it.

A Northerner’s Guide to Cambridge

A belta guide for you and your marras

Everything wrong with Cambridge Gyp Rooms

GBBO? More like GTFO.

The Best Budget Gifts for Bridgemas

It’s not about the money, money, money (or thoughtfulness)

How to smash the week five blues

Show sadness who’s boss

WEEK FOUR NEWS ROUNDUP: Cats, Candlelit Vigils, and Caius Piercings

Well, we can’t deny it anymore: we are halfway through term, and still, no one knows what’s going on.

Custard Apples and Spherical Gluten: Exploring Mill Road

PART 1 of The Tab’s Alt-Guide to Cambridge (for those who are too eDgY for Stickybeaks)

Broke? How to rock the Spam-orous lifestyle

Putting the ‘lit’ into ‘frugality’

Review: SIX Restaurant at the Varsity Hotel

Alcohol before 11am is always a win

Deliveroo is bringing Cambridge students free food throughout Freshers’ Week

I’m always hungry hmu

May-Ballers of the Week

No one is safe

MAY BALL REVIEW: Trinity v John’s

Spoiler alert: Trinity was better*

Strawberries and Creem: The Banquet Reviewed

The banquet to end all banquets

The Tab’s Alternative Guide to May Week

Cambridge entertainment that won’t break the bank

Strawberries and Creem: The banquet explained

Get your Feast on: Strawberries and Creem Festival’s food line-up revealed

What your Cambridge cafe says about you

Let’s be honest, you’re mostly here for the Instagram potential.

FOOD COLUMN: Rum’n’Lime Refresher

Because at this point, we all need a drink.