Fitzwilliam College

Lent Bumps: Day 2

more rowing

Lent Bumps: Day 1

Fitz are on fire

The Bicentenary Debate is self-indulgent, elitist and stupid

It’s still an old boys’ club – and you’re not invited

Now I am free I’m going to…

Fitz Winter Ball want to hear why you are happy.

The Sunday Serial: Episode 5 – Scarf Ace

The captive is handcuffed and bound on Sarah’s floor under the strict orders of Cassandra. But what is that photo of Sarah in her pocket? And will Cassandra ever move away from emerald? Read on with OLD DAL…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 3 – Whiskers

Blood on the carpet? Broken crockery? A man on the loose? Something is not right. Join OLD DAL for another installment of the Sunday Serial…

The Sunday Serial: Episode 2 – Keep Calm And…

Whilst the stranger jumps into Sarah’s cupboard, a different story is unfolding on the other side of the corridor. How will the rest of this sleepy 4th year community react to the intrudor? From whence came the blood on Sarah’s carpet?

Cambridge Cribs: Hunter Allen, Fitz

In this week’s episode of Cambridge Cribs, Hunter Allen (6′4″) shows off his room, the smallest in Fitz.

Fitz Winter Ball Headliners Announced

Cambridge favourites Truly Medley Deeply and Denim will headline this year’s Winter Ball.

Going Snow-where!

A Cantab is one of 7 brits barricaded in a ski chalet demanding in protest at not being paid.

Fitzwilliam Winter Ball

TABATHA LEGGETT: “The ball committee really had their work cut out for them when they decided to transform the ugly, red-brick mess that is Fitzwilliam College into Charlie’s Chocolate Factory. But, they succeeded. Kind of.”

Fitz Ball Have Entertainment Salted

Fitz’s upcoming Willy Wonka themed ball will feature the ORIGINAL Veruca Salt from the 1971 version of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.

Summer Blogs: Faustus to The Fringe

The cast and crew of Doctor Faustus prepare for their make or break week in Edinburgh, in the second of our Summer Blogs.

Why Not Review: Libraries

The Tab recommends where to get down and dirty, with a leaking ink pen and a pile of books.

Society Spy: Steamin and a Rollin

Trainspotting: minus the drug habit and the incomprehensible Scots dialect.

Fitz 0-1 Downing

Billed as the title decider – Downing take command of the first division

Fitz fire at Queens’ Ergs

Novice success for Fitz and Anglia on night of chaos at Queens’ Ergs

Louis La Roche Doesn’t Hit Fitz