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How to do May Ball makeup

Be the belle of the ball with these stunning makeup looks

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Fashion, Mental Health and Me

A reflection on what fashion means to me as part of Mental Health Awareness Week

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Cambridge does the Met Gala

We’re serving up looks to rival even the most glamorous celebrity red carpet

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The Tab Presents: LGBT+ History Month Fashion

We celebrate History Month with some of the most fashionable LGBTQIA+ students in Cambridge

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Get the look: Churchill Spring Ball 2019

Searching for inspo? Look no further.

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Cambridge’s Hottest Winter Wardrobes – Part 2

Temperatures are sub-zero, so we asked these fashionistas to heat things up

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Stash, but make it fashion?

Your hour by hour guide to staying stashionable

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I decided to make a May Ball dress and here’s what happened

Ever wondered how to make a dress from scratch?

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Aldi or Sainsbury’s?: Aldi photo shoot

Evelina Gumileva’s gorgeous photoshoot in Aldi

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What to wear to Arcsoc: Penrose Palace

Believe your eyes: Arcsoc is back

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How to dress for formal on a budget

You can never have too many 99p dresses…

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Submit your halloween costume to the Tab!

Want to see yourself on The Tab?

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CUCFS: Meet the models

Spoiler alert: they’re fit

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Arcsoc is Watching You, so dress to impress

Inspiration for what to wear to the waviest night out of term

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A Beginner’s Guide to Depop

AKA how to impress everyone else in the smoking area

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Fresh prince of Ballare: Best dressed at Cindies

Drunk and dapper