A-Z of Cambridge, Part 1

So we have been here for longer than than you. Which, naturally, means that we know everything.

Offer-holders in torment over ‘mega mistakes’ in A-level marking

OCR has given potential freshers nasty surprise

Lonely finalist showered with champagne by sympathetic stranger

It’s like something out of a bad movie

Stop complaining: you love exams

Exam term is hard. Get over it.

Fuck pretending you care about others doing well

They’re the competition and you need to bring them down

Tab Guide to Exam-term jogging

‘Our Grade, Our Choice’: we’re missing the bigger picture

If we change our attitude to exam results, the class list won’t be an issue.

I spent 24 hours in the library just to fill my empty life

I don’t even have exams

Stressed College Part 2

Top 9 places to revise in Cambridge

Excluding libraries…

Lies you tell yourself during exams

Blissful ignorance is life.

I don’t have exams but I’m still stressed

Now there’s NO excuse: Past papers return

And there’s no one left to blame

Stay in education as long as you can – the future is bleak

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

Going out in Exam Term: It is possible

It’s not healthy, it’s not wise, but it’s the right decision.

The arseholes you’ll come across this term

You’re guaranteed to meet them all, promise

Predicted grades are ‘next to useless’

We might be waving goodbye to AS-levels

A really serious guide to getting some really serious work done

Brought to you by someone who’s trying to procrastinate

The Tab Easter study guide