TAB TRIES: 24 hours in the library

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What to do if you think you’re failing your degree

Real or imagined- this fear strikes us all

Cambridge things we’d throw on the bonfire

Because, sometimes it can feel like everything’s going up in flames

DRUG SURVEY: Cantabs who take drugs are more likely to get a first

Yes, really.

Is This It? May Balls and Disappointment

The dangers of May Week expectations

Psychology paper changed FOUR days before exam

Part II Psychology students were left shocked by the announcement that one of their exams would have five fewer essay options than originally promised.

BREAKING: First Year Italian exam cancelled

Reports of a ‘serious problem’ led to people being told to leave the exam room

In Praise of Procrastination


10 things I hate about Cambridge: exams – they’re the last great unequaliser

Yes I know that’s not a word, it’s called managing expectations.

How to be more Oxford

Work less, achieve more, be happier.

Cambridge applicants are worried about disclosing their Learning Difficulties

People with an Autism Spectrum Disorder or a Learning Difficulty are scared to disclose it.

Top 5 ways to procrastinate in Week 4

This week’s list of things to do to convince your parents that you are a normal, functioning, sociable human being.

6 people in Cambridge who have given up

Lots of people are stressed about exams

How bored are you right now?


Top 5 opportunities to procrastinate in Week 3

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Perhaps it’s time we stop talking about exams

I need a safe space

How to boast about your first now that class lists have been abolished

Worried your friends won’t realise just how great you are? The Tab is here to help

In defence of post-prelim blues

We’ve all heard the chorus of “This term is super fun for English and History students! They get eight weeks of lounging in the grass before May Week while everyone else slaves in the library.”

Class lists are a cruel and unusual punishment

Do you really want to hurt me?

University plan to say GOODBYE to public class lists

The dreaded fear of your classmates knowing just how much you bombed your exams may be over.