exam term

Class lists are a cruel and unusual punishment

Do you really want to hurt me?

University plan to say GOODBYE to public class lists

The dreaded fear of your classmates knowing just how much you bombed your exams may be over.

Fuck pretending you care about others doing well

They’re the competition and you need to bring them down

How bored are you right now?

Honestly. You can tell us.

Stressed College Part 2

Cambridge exam terms: an ethnography*

*My understanding of what ethnographies actually involve is deeply shallow. I know that they are used in Social Anthropology. Please forgive any errors in the application of what is surely a rigorous and well-validated way of analysing human society.

Confessions of a Library Wanker

I’m not even ashamed

My grades are not your business

If grade-shaming is the best way we have of incentivising students, we’re not looking hard enough

I don’t have exams but I’m still stressed

Stressed College

Vote wisely

What I say vs. What I mean

I’m smiling but I probably don’t mean it.

They’re actually putting Dolphins in the Cam and letting us swim with them

It will be somefin to look forward to

Going out in Exam Term: It is possible

It’s not healthy, it’s not wise, but it’s the right decision.

The arseholes you’ll come across this term

You’re guaranteed to meet them all, promise

Panic strikes Cambridge as online past papers disappear

Could not have come at a better time



Tab Guide to sleeping with…

MISS D lets you know how to pull the man/woman of your dreams this May Week.

Tales of my Greedy Punt – Week 4

MAISY MINT takes a trip down memory lane…

Charlie Palmer – How to be a dick in Exam term

CHARLIE PALMER really quite likes Easter term, and he’s sick to death of people who act like it’s the worst thing ever.

Spice up your exam term

FIONA NUTTING is back to help you spice up your life during the otherwise bland exam period.