I’m a Cambridge student who never does any work

She says after pulling an all-nighter

TAB TRIES: 24 hours in the library

Not the investigative journalism you asked for, but definitely the investigative journalism you deserve

The Tab’s Alternative Prospectus

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

A Week in Crisis: The First Essay

Week Five Blues? More like Week Twos.

Freshers’ week is over, try to not panic

Molly talks you through how not to lose your cool when reality starts to set in

Emotional stages of an essay crisis as told through classic rock songs

Books and desks and rock and roll

A really serious guide to getting some really serious work done

Brought to you by someone who’s trying to procrastinate

Possibly the most powerful nerdgasm ever

Already bored of the holidays? OLIVER TAYLOR has turned the entire Cambridge experience into a video game…

Why I’d rather be happy than rich

In pursuit of that six figure salary? Unlikely lawyer ROBERT EYERS thinks you need to sort your life out.

Tim O’Brien: Week 7

‘Unfair, dated, cruel, and pointless’… this week TIM O’BRIEN turns his attention to exams.

Rachel Tookey – Week 5

This week (need we even say which week it is?) RACHEL TOOKEY tells you all to stop overthinking and just get on with it.

Film Music to Write Essays By – Part 2

JOHANNES RUCKSTUHL picks out the perfect soundtrack to accompany your supervision work woes.

Film Music to Write Essays By – Part 1

JOHANNES RUCKSTUHL picks out the perfect soundtrack to accompany your exam-work woes.

Siana Bangura: Week 8

This week SIANA enjoys the little things, such as random, useless nuggets of facts.

Diary of An All-Nighter

Queen of procrastination CLAUDIA BLUNT gives her account of a (not so) successful all-nighter…

The Tattler

Want a first? The Tattler might have the answer…

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD procrastinates, and she invites you to join her.

With Great Intelligence Comes Great Difficulty

Above average intelligence? Feel sorry for yourself – you don’t have it easy.

UL: Give Us Our Books Back!

The UL’s change in borrowing policy spells disaster for finalists and undermines its promise to stock all necessary books.

Cambridge Urban Dictionary

Cambridge is a weird place, so we’ve come up with some new words to help you describe the madness that is C-town.