Hard(y) Times: The struggles of being an English student at Cambridge

Medics, Engineers and Natscis, stop being a Dick(ens)

The Best of Overheard at Cambridge

Because we definitely haven’t heard enough ridiculous stuff in the last few weeks.

Here are the most pretentious lines from successful Cambridge personal statements

“Are we pre-disposed to sin?” Yes, yes we are.

The Tab’s Alternative Prospectus

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

Let’s all have a rant about our lectures

Another week, another annoyance for columnist PHOEBE GARGARO

Everything I hate about the Sidgwick Site

Read this even if you’re a NatSci for a dose of Schadenfreude

A Week in Crisis: The First Essay

Week Five Blues? More like Week Twos.

The Phases of an All-Nighter

Summary: Work work work work work

What I learnt from my first year at Cambridge

N.B: It was west.

In Praise of Procrastination



VOTE NOW: We didn’t include Land Economy, just to make things a bit more interesting

In defence of post-prelim blues

We’ve all heard the chorus of “This term is super fun for English and History students! They get eight weeks of lounging in the grass before May Week while everyone else slaves in the library.”

I changed subject in freshers’ week and I have no regrets

I told my interviewer that I chose Theology because it aided my ‘understanding of my own existence’ and that John’s Gospel was the total fire of my loins

I don’t have exams but I’m still stressed

Daily Mail is shocked to see Cambridge students outside

So Caesarian Sunday happened again… And the photographers were out in force

Capitalism makes us sexist and insecure

And it does so to distract us from what’s important.

Hiding from the law

Idk even know what I’m doing any more

Tab fails at: Being an English student

No-one has sent me scary emails on Hermes yet, and believe me I would know

What words? English finalists struggle to answer poem that literally doesn’t exist

There were few smiley faces amongst English finalists asked to analyse a poem without any words.

Fit College: St Catz Vs Robinson

FIT COLLEGE: captivating Catz or ravishing Robinson. Cast your votes here.