Emma Powell

Disney in Trinity 2: The Bells of Notre Dame

KIT FOWLER was taken on a magic carpet ride by the university pop orchestra’s night of Disney hits.

Doctor Faustus

HANNAH MIRSKY was impressed by the acting, but the production wasn’t up to scratch.

One Million Tiny Plays About Britain

This charming and witty production provides some light-hearted fun for LEYLA LESNIAREK-HAMID.

Disney At Trinity

KIT FOWLER went expecting cheese but left wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

The 24 Hour Musical

FRANCESCA HILL was blown away by CUMTS’ musical depictions of the apocalypse.

The Comedy of Errors

AMI JONES thinks this film-noir style Shakespeare is funny, punchy, but occasionally unsettling.

The Snow Queen: The Footlights Pantomime

TOMMY SHANE has had a crisis of faith in his previous reverence for the Footlights after this not-so-awe-inspiring pantomime.

Perfect Strangers

AMI JONES finds the simple things the funniest in the Footlight’s latest offering.

The Playroom Duologues Competition 2011

KIERAN CORCORAN delights in double dollops of delectable duologuing deliciousness.