Miliband in Cambridge: Labour Will Back Oxford-Cambridge Railway

Ed Miliband spent Monday lunchtime hanging out in Market Square, as Labour launched the final stages of their local election campaign.


The Tab gets its prediction spot on as Flick Osborn comes out on top in the CUSU presidential elections. Read all the action from the night, as it happened.

CUSU Probed Me

Tab undercover reporter GROAN HARDSLEY can’t feel his “man glands” after a tumultuous encounter at the CUSU offices.

Presidential Pledges

The three presidential candidates in the upcoming CUSU elections, George Bangham, Greg Hill and Flick Osborn, outline why they deserve your votes.

Tab Tries: Political Extremism

Bored of the red team and the blue team? JACK EMMINS takes a walk on the wild side of politics.

Inanimate Carbon Rod Joins Official NUS Ballot

NUS election candidate Inanimate Carbon Rod #1 has gained a place on the official voting ballot.

Policing Matters

Tomorrow for the first time there will be elections for local police commissioners. AYAZ MANJI wants us to take them seriously.

Siana Bangura: Week 6

A week of celebration leads SIANA to reflect on who inspires her the most.

Fit Councillor

In the run up to the local elections, three student politicos fight for a bigger prize: FIT COUNCILLOR.

David Leigh Resigns As Union President

The Union have announced that David Leigh is resigning as President-elect for Easter term due to “academic reasons.”

Tab Tries: Probing Presidents

We show you the CUSU presidential hopefuls as you’ve never seen them before.

The Race for Chancellor

As the elections for Chancellor get underway, we talk to the candidates about what they hope to achieve and how they rate their chances.

EXCLUSIVE: Parmar: “It wasn’t a dirty campaign”

Julian Parmar, who dropped out of the runnings for Union president yesterday, talks exclusively to The Tab about why he dropped out.

Tully Takes Top Spot At CUSU

Gerard Tully has been elected the next President of CUSU.

Zing Who?

An imaginary candidate called Zing Xhu ran in the Peterhouse JCR elections last week, and beat two real people.

‘Drop Dead Gorgeous’ Frankie Wins Up Hill Battle

Francesca Hill has won the race for Cambridge Union President, after an election race that saw votes docked and a candidate disqualified.

The CUSU Election

It’s CUSU election time. You’ve heard the policies, but what are the candidates wearing?

Chigbo’s Power Play

CUSU President Tom Chigbo named one of the 100 most powerful black people in the UK