Why The Referendum Matters

It’s not sexy, argues CHARLIE CADYWOULD, but it is important.

Parmar Pulls Out

Julian Parmar has withdrawn as a candidate for the Union Presidency due to personal reasons, it was announced this morning.

Union Hosts Election Night Booze-Up

Hundreds packed the Union last night to watch BBC fittie Emily Maitlis recolor the country’s political map.

Election Blog: Lib Dems Win Cambridge

As The Tab exclusively revealed at 2am, Julian Huppert has won Cambridge for the Lib Dems, with the Tories second.

The Tab’s Election Profiles

With polling day just hours away, The Tab gives you the lowdown on the men who would be king.

Izzard On The Stump

Comic Eddie Izzard came to Cambridge on Thursday to back Labour candidate Daniel Zeichner.

Cast Your Vote: General Election 2010

Don’t be apathetic: BAYAN PARVIZI with a brief note on the upcoming election.

What It Takes To…Be JCR President

LUCY ALDOUS talks to those (kind of) in power to see how they’re finding the burden of responsibility.

Mansigani Gets CUSU Top Job

Rahul Mansigani has been elected as CUSU President – although the candidates attracted fewer votes than The Tab’s Fit College!

CUS-WHO?: Our Union Has A Problem. Nobody Cares

SIMRAN SINGH: “Tuesday’s hustings at Jesus were not meant to be a metaphor for this year’s elections but they might as well have been”.

Review: Thom Yorke

GEORGE OSBORN and CHLOE MASHITER find it hard to fault a nigh on flawless gig from the Radiohead front man

Gavin’ A Laugh?: Top Toff Tries It On In Fake (F)email

Gavin Rice, ex-head of the Cambridge student Tory Party has been attacked after sending a hoax email to the Labour Women’s Officer – pretending to be a woman.