Osama the Hero – Review

A dark but interesting play filled with strong performances.

Scandal: Representations of the Nude Body

LOUIS SHANKAR is impressed by this exhibition exploring nudity and its place in art

Review: Songs from the Shows

WILL POPPLEWELL enjoyed this concert of show tunes but was far from blown away.

Review: Proof

MARK DANCIGER is blown away by this powerful and highly polished production.

Mary of Egypt: Behind the Scenes

DANIEL LEWIS and TabTV meet the team who are bringing opera to Kings College Chapel

ArcSoc Review: Magnavox Odyssey

TOBIAS DE MONFORT-JONAS considers this most conceptual of nights

Cambridge students pull rolls of film out of their anus and vagina

Two students laid on a new piece of performance art with a bizarre and shocking twist

Anthony: A Sketch Show

MEGAN DALTON is thoroughly impressed and endlessly entertained by the surreal comedy of ‘Anthony’.

Why Europe matters

Cärlchen Jupp takes exception to the characterisation of the European Elections as ‘not relevant enough for Cam’.

What’s On Week Four

We’re halfway through term! Chin up, and get cultured.

What’s On Week 2

It’s spring but raining, what’s on will alleviate, the boredom and stress

Spotted at the India Society Ball

MARIELLA SALAZAR spots the fashionistas at the Indian Society Ball.

What’s On Week 6

All aboard the culture train for another week of (worthwhile) procrastination!

What’s On Week 4

We’re halfway through term, and the culture tree continues to bear delicious fruit. Sample it for yourself…

What’s On Week 3

Stave off the January blues with this week’s dazzling cultural happenings.

Rhinoceros in Love

WILL KENNAWAY enjoys a charming if bewildering evening of Chinese theatre.

Anchorman 2

CHARLIE PALMER reviews Anchorman 2. It’s pretty good.

The Tab Meets: Melvyn Bragg

BETH SWORDS speaks to Melvyn Bragg about class, the fear of ageing and his hair care routine.

What’s On: Week 5

The Tab Culture team scour the town for events to break the exam term monotony.

MaD: Monologues & Duologues

FRANCESCA HILL found this selection of new material partly surreal, partly underwhelming.