Torrents and Plunder: Piracy Rife In Cambridge

INVESTIGATION: We reveal over 250 reported cases of piracy since 2010, and there’s evidence of more going unpunished.

The News From The Dark Blues

JAMES ROTHWELL brings you up to speed on snow willies, Playstation theft and big-dog debates.

Conga Criminal in Lola Lo

A Mambo Marauder active Lola Lo was given 4 weeks inside for stealing phones while DANCING.


The Cambridge flashings continue as a man catches a Murray Edwards student on her bike.

No Punt Intended

The punt wars ceasefire has ended, and the conflict is more violent than ever.

Oxford Prof Found Dead

An Oxford Professor was found dead earlier this week, amid suspicions of murder.

The Injustice Of Gaddafi’s Death

Finally the Libyans can taste a new world of liberality and equality, but I will not celebrate Gadaffi’s death.


A public masturbator has been terrorising students at Murray Edwards, mimicking a string of flashings some years ago.

Students Told To “Remain Vigilant” After Night Attacks

Cambridge cops have urged students to stay vigilant following two recent attacks in Cambridge late at night.

Can CCTV Catch Cambridge Sex Offender?

Cambridgeshire Police have released CCTV footage of a man they want to talk to in connection with the serial sex offender.

Don Blackmailed Over Gay Sex

An unknown Cambridge Don was blackmailed by a rent boy for £6,000, it emerged yesterday.

Stealing Is Not Okay

Emma’s Bar Manager MAX FOREMAN tells us why stealing disco balls is NEVER okay.

Half Way Hell At Fez

Three Downing students were hospitalised and two more injured after being attacked in Fez by strangers for wearing dinner jackets.

War And Peas In City Centre

Central point Peas Hill has been named as the 6th worst street for crime in England and Wales, but Inspector Paul Ormerod is not convinced.


Cambridge Police have reported a 7,400% increase in the number of crimes involving Facebook over the past three years.

Exclusive: Coppers Caught Letting Off Bike Thieves

Cambridge police have denied being soft on crime after The Tab saw two coppers catching a group of bike thieves – but then letting them go scot free.

Basket Case

Lily Cole will now be walking around Cambridge – after thieves made off with her £600 bike.