Top 5: Thinking Totty

HOLLY STEVENSON rounds up the most gifted and gorgeous men and women in TV land for your delectation.

All Adds Up For Vorderman Family

Carol Vorderman is ecstatic that her daughter Katie has been offered a place at Cambridge for next year.

It’s The Final Countdown

Pembroke Fresher Jack Hurst is the bookies favourite to win the Countdown final this Friday.

Swearing Countdown Whizzkid Agrees With Censorship

Cambridge fresher Jack Hurst has told The Tab that Channel 4 “made the right decision” by editing out a swear word he suggested on the show.

Fresher Countdown Kid Speaks

Pembroke Fresher who has broken the all-time Countdown record gives his first Cambridge interview to The Tab.

YouTube Video Of The Week: Week Two

“Before the Internet, you could only hear this sort of throwaway slur when your grandad had had more than half a glass of wine at Christmas dinner.” This week’s YouTube delights.

Tab Interview: Carol Vorderman

HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Carol Vorderman about her time at Cambridge, Countdown, and her ‘interesting’ fashion sense…