cosmo godfree

The Staves

COSMO GODFREE: The Staves are the best live band I’ve seen in Cambridge.

The Perfect May Ball Lineup

The Tab’s music contributors take you through their perfect May Ball acts.

Three Trapped Tigers

COSMO GODFREE lets his wild side out at the Portland Arms.

Cocker In Cambridge

Jarvis Cocker could have said anything and still been amazing. COSMO GODFREE reacts to the indie heartthrob’s visit to Cambridge.

Culture Column 3 – Cosmo Godfree

Cambridge’s musical deprivation is not all it seems, says COSMO GODFREE.

Kate Jackson

COSMO GODFREE is pleasantly surprised by the solo outing of former Long Blondes star Kate Jackson.


Casiokids push all the buttons says COSMO GODFREE.

Standard Fare

COSMO GODFREE finds Standard Fare lives up to the averageness of its name.

Top 5 Albums of 2011

The Tab’s music writers take a look back at their favourite albums of 2011.

The Darkness

COSMO GODFREE enjoys a man with his pubes on fire, despite his cardinal sin.

The Fall

COSMO GODFREE falls arse-over-tits for a deranged 54 year old and his cronies.

Katy B

COSMO GODFREE: Feels alienated from the critically aclaimed musician.

Zun Zun Egui

COSMO GODFREE enjoys the enigmatic, genera-busting, psychedelic rockers strut their stuff in controlled chaos.

The Crookes

COSMO GODFREE muses on the future of a poetic Northern band and their performance in a pub.