Recreate your favourite Studio Ghibli foods at home!

More quarantine cooking content? We love to see it

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10 things you can actually make in your gyp

It is possible to eat properly!

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What they don’t tell you about being an adult

Yet another hard-hitting exposé

ADULTING 101: Conquering Mainsbury’s

A fresher ventures into the perilous waters of adulthood after finally conceding that one cannot live off curdled milk alone

Why Cambridge is just like your hometown

For better or for worse…

Everything wrong with Cambridge Gyp Rooms

GBBO? More like GTFO.

FOOD COLUMN: Ice-Cream Cookie Sandwich

Keep Calm and Carry on Cookie-ing

FOOD COLUMN: Harissa Chicken with Butternut Couscous

Winner winner chicken dinner

Eggs-ham Food

LEAF ARBUTHNOT is back with food to feed the brain.

What Men Want

You’ve heard from the women, but how can you impress your man?

Aphrodisiac Attack

Join LEAF ARBUTHNOT in cooking with liquid sex.

Bust The Gut Rut With Leaf

Resident cooking guru LEAF ARBUTHNOT transforms the five-a-day from chore to treat and chases the pounds away.

How To Cook A Christmas Dinner

ED TAN tackles a tricky Christmas roast on an illegal college hob plate. And there’s even leftovers…

Cheaper Than Chips: Post-Cindies Snacks

Strapped for cash but craving post-clubbing carbs? LEAF ARBUTHNOT shows you how to create your own versions of the late-night classics mainly using cheese and microwaves. Cheap, mad, and tasty (apparently).

Spread The Love

LEAF ARBUTHNOT raids her cupboard for spreads and cooks up some tasty treats.

Sophie Thorpe

This week SOPHIE THORPE is cooking. It’s like therapy. But you can eat it.

Cooking with Reinbold: Lasagne Per Favore

‘Unnatural cook’ LOTTE REINBOLD invites us into her weird and wonderful kitchen, full of ‘culinary anxiety, illicit creations, and jolly wine’. This week, she attempts lasagne…

Pimp Your Pumpkin

LEAF ARBUTHNOT has been getting bonkers in the gip room again, and with Halloween upon us this can only mean one thing: pumpkin preparation. Leaf tells us how to sculpt your squash and what to do with it afterwards.

Love Your Microwave

LEAF’S BACK! This week, our favourite gastro-guide steers you through quality cuisine cooked solely in the microwave.

How To Blag First Year

You won’t get through your degree without a few cheeky short-cuts. From sleeping to sauce, KATIE MAIR is here to suggest a few tips for making it all look effortless.