college marriage

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The Most Romantic College proposal ever?

In the stunt of the century, one man, two women, and the city of love combine for the most extra college proposal EVER

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Same-sex college marriage is not a last resort

Need I say it’s 2017, people…

The Tab’s guide to the perfect college proposal

How 2 get hitched

News Column: Week 2 CHAOS

All the week’s saucy updates

Where’s your college marriage at now?

Roses are red, violets are blue, got to get married soon, I guess you’ll do

The different types of college marriage you’ll see this Valentine’s Day

Roses are red, violets are blue,
My dreams are dead, I’ll make do with a 2:2.

College Life Complications

Got a problem? Shearme has your answer.

How to ditch the weirdo you regret making friends with in Freshers’ Week

We all have that one ‘friend’

How (not) to be college married

Spoiler: We’ve messed it up already

Paradise Lost? Help Cambridge librarian bring his wife home!

English Faculty librarian David Rushmer is fighting to be reunited with his wife.

Andy Answer Is? Public Marriage Proposal Left Hanging

A marriage proposal to “Andy” is on public display near the Sidgwick Site.

Are You Ready For Kids?

It may be too late for you, but you can save your grandchildren: SOPHIA VAHDATI shows us the pitfalls of raising college kids.

The Best College Marriage Proposals

From punting trips to televised proposals, find out how Cambridge’s romantics wooed their college spouses.

Happy College Families

TANMAY SURI on the college family.