Cambridge’s Wackiest Societies

Dotted in every college are those societies that seem to border or simply topple over the line of bizarreness entirely. RUBY CONGJANG WANG investigates.

Lola Lo

KATIE MAIR checks out Lola Lo. Despite expensive cocktails, she likes it.

Jack The Lad

Pussy, Pints and Parties: a way of life for RHEMAYO BROOKS?

Review: Clare Cellars

CHLOE MASHITER fights through the effects of Slippery Nipples to review Cambridge’s premier cellar.

Review: Cindies

Merrow Golden reviews Cindies with the critical rigour of one of your better supervision essays.

Bear-Faced Cheek

The St. Edmund’s Bears Drinking Society have been banned from the Hawks’ Club after a night of debauchery.