Clare May Ball

ELLIE PITHERS had a whale of a time, but her booze cruise came to an end earlier than planned.

Virtual Punt Tour

Punting, without the price-tag: KATIE MAIR leads you down The Backs on a virtual tour of Cambridge’s historic waterway.

Exclusive: Tinchy Stryder Number 1 At Clare

Tinchy Stryder will play Clare May Ball, while Jakwob will play Robinson according to the two artist’s Myspace pages.

20 Questions for Ahir Shah

Casually taking a break from Campus, Skins, Footlights, stand-up and satire, Ahir Shah tells us about his favourite stand-up, being officially called a ‘lad’ by a London newspaper, and why none of the Cambridge comedians would be good company on a desert island.

Queens’ And Clare Ents In Trouble

Traditionally two of Cambridge’s biggest ents, Queens’ and Clare Ents face a serious rethink after suffering for terrible attendance this term.

Watson His Mind?

Co-discoverer of DNA, Prof. James Watson, will face protests from students when he returns to Cambridge this week for his controversial views

May Ball Guide 2011

The Tab’s definitive guide to this year’s May Balls, now updated with ‘Hit’ and ‘Miss’ sections to help you choose your May Balls.

The Brothers Ignatius at Clare Jazz

JONNY CARTER: Nuance and groove? Must be the first-wave ska of The Brothers Ignatius at Clare Jazz.

Clare Cellars

JAKE ALDON-FALCONER reviews the first Clare Cellars of the term, and the special sense of sacrilege that comes from dancing in a crypt.

Last Japan

CHRIS BANNON: “With… some more solid line ups in the store the last ents of this term are not to be missed.”

Sex Positions By College: Part 1

“He needs to be standing in water…She needs to be lying face-down, sideways across a lilo, holding on for dear life.” The Tab brings you a sex position for every Cambridge college. Check out Part One today.

Kebab-ing a Laugh: Take Pitta On Us, Say Grimy Gardies

Cambridge has been rocked with the news that some of its best restaurants have been slammed in a recent council crackdown.

Myths and Legends

SUZANNE BURLTON debunks some of the most famous Cambridge tall tales in circulation.

Freshers 2010: The Cambridge A-Z, Part One

Soon-to-be-Fresher? Let The Tab teach you how to speak Cambridge. Saturday: letters A-H.

Clare May Ball

JASMIN SANDELSON: ‘a night of considered touches, and unfortunately, queues’.

Bedder and Breakfast

The credit crunch has come to Cambridge with Colleges soon to start moonlighting as Bed and Breakfasts for tourists.

Review: Clare Comedy

ROB BROWN thinks the Asians show the rest of us how it’s done at Clare Comedy.

The Price Is Right?

With May Ball tickets sending us into our overdrafts, HOLLY STEVENSON asks whether one night can ever live up to its price tag.

Cock-Up Costs Clare Victory at Head of the Nene

First and Third dominate the Head of the Nene. Clare have a mare. Read more here

Fit College: Selwyn v Clare

Which would you…? Selwyn take on Clare to battle it out for the title of fit college. VOTE NOW!