REVIEW: Cambridge Shorts

An excellent night of Cambridge filmmaking

Cambridge students hope to raise £3,000 for pilot TV show

The film project, called ‘Ruling Class’, has been pitched as School of Rock meets The West Wing.

The Trip to Italy: Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon at the Picturehouse

TIM O’BRIEN is blown away by a screening of The Trip to Italy which was followed by a Q&A with the stars…

Documentary Films You Really Must See

SOPHIE WILLIAMS advises documentary-newbies about how to get in ‘the know’ in time for Watersprite.

Watersprite 2014: Your Weekend Planner

CHLOE COLEMAN tells cinephiles and casual cinema-goers alike how to make the most of their Watersprite Festival long weekend.

Nymphomaniac Volumes I & II, Picturehouse Event

NANCY NAPPER CANTER spent five hours last Saturday watching Lars Von Trier’s newest cinematic output at the Picturehouse – and lived to tell the tale.

How to Impress an Asian Studies Student Without Trying

SOPHIE WILLIAMS tells you how to blag your way into the heart of students of Chinese/Japanese/Korean by watching films.

The Tab Meets: Director of Watersprite Film Festival

LEAF ARBUTHNOT talks celebs, student films and Harry Potter with Marianne Styger, the “goddess” of this year’s Watersprite film festival.

How to Impress an MML Student Without Really Trying

SOPHIE WILLIAMS tells you how to blag your way into the heart of an MML-student by watching films.

Don’t read it, watch it: Thérèse Raquin (MML)

SOPHIE WILLIAMS finds out whether the 1953 film version of your French set-text will help you pass your exams.

Vic Sautter: Week 3

This week, VIC dreams a dream…that everyone shuts up at the cinema.

Django Unchained

TOMMY SHANE gets a celebratin’ this god forsaken’ slavery western.

The Master

The Master, once seen as a contender for the highest grossing art-house film of all time, saw its star Joaquin Phoenix blow his Oscar hopes by recently calling the Academy Awards ‘bullshit’. Though in many ways triumphant, these aren’t the film’s only disappointments, writes NANCY NAPPER CANTER.


With screenplay genius such as ‘Argo fuck yourself’, JACKSON CAINES manages to believe in both the plot and the quality of this Oscar contender from not-just-a-pretty-face Ben Affleck.

The Woman in Black

ROSIE ROBSON is horrified, and not just by seeing Daniel Radcliffe neither magical nor nude.

Review: The Lovely Bones

An otherwise decent film is somewhat spoiled for ROB BROWN by Peter Jackson’s knobbish reliance on saccharine special effects.

Review: A Single Man

Sure it’s beautiful but COTTIA THOROWGOOD wishes it was more than just eye candy for the diabetic.

Haiku Reviews

Can’t be arsed to read 600 words? ROB YOUNG and KEN CHENG review films using haikus.

Review: A Prophet

BAYAN PARVIZI urges you to go and see this masterpiece at any cost.

Review: The Road

ROB BROWN thinks The Road could be the best film of the year but RACHEL MONTE isn’t so sure.