Yes, we are broken

A member of the CICCU committee responds to ‘CICCU is broken’.

CICCU is broken

Some names have been changed in order to protect the anonymity of the persons involved.

Why is CICCU so frickin’ annoying?

Text a toastie or else.

Religious apathy gets you nowhere

Wanky articles trumpeting apathy don’t help anyone

Merry Christmas From The Tab

The Tab’s Cambridge team are at home eating right now, but you can keep track of the latest student antics on

CICCU: The Morning After

In response to the article published earlier this week, the CICCU Vice-President NAOMI WOOD has come out in defence of Christianity in Cambridge.

Screw You, CICCU

CATHERINE AIREY admits her biggest turn-off from her faith has been the Cambridge Christian Union… and has a few other confessions to make as well.

Christianity In Cambridge

FABIENNE CROCKET examines the image of Christianity in Cambridge, and explains the link between religion and genitalia…