Christ’s College

News Column: Week 2 CHAOS

All the week’s saucy updates

Master of Christ’s College apologises for causing ‘hurt’ to Jewish Students

Apology follows an incident of anti-Semitism

Lent Bumps: Day 2

more rowing

Cantabs in cinema

MICHAEL DALTON explores the movies featuring famous Cantabs who made it to the big screen

Christ’s JCR pres nominee battles hypnotist with hilarious manifesto

BJ Daley to take on hypotist in the presidential race

Formal Review – Christ’s

LOUISE McCARTHY is disappointed with Christ’s formal

UnChristian Behaviour: Racist Slurs from Football Club

A night out at Mai Thai Restaurant for new college families ended on a sour note after one of their group was subjected to racial abuse from a member of a separate Cambridge college football team.

The Fez Diaries

ADRIAN GRAY records the experiences of four different students on a night out in Fez.

Tab Tried: Political Extremism

And now JACK EMMINS just wants to go home.

Awful Architecture

ADRIAN GRAY tells of the woes of his new home not quite living up to expectations.

Christ’s Holy Smoker

Hilarity in the name of charity is not quite enough for ELLIE OGILVIE to laugh through the whole night

Best Comments: Week 7

The best of this week’s comments. Indulge yourself and get your weekly frisson from the home grown comedians of The Tab’s comment section.


ABBIE SAUNDERS thinks murder is funny. But only in the context of black comedy.

Summer Blogs: Gap Yah, Anyone?

22/8: New update from new Opinion Editor OLLIE KAY and MICHAEL O’HALLORAN on their five-week South East Asian extravaganza – more to come, so watch this space.