Why is CICCU so frickin’ annoying?

Text a toastie or else.

Stay in education as long as you can – the future is bleak

Don’t grow up, it’s a trap

Screw You, CICCU

CATHERINE AIREY admits her biggest turn-off from her faith has been the Cambridge Christian Union… and has a few other confessions to make as well.

Crucifixion Chaos

A man posing as Jesus Christ on the Cross has spent Good Friday stationed outside King’s Chapel.

Christianity In Cambridge

FABIENNE CROCKET examines the image of Christianity in Cambridge, and explains the link between religion and genitalia…

Interview: Stewart Lee

“I thought we were heading into a bland dystopia but in the last few weeks I’ve thought ‘maybe – maybe something interesting’s going to happen’.” TOBY PARKER-REES talks to STEWART LEE, alternative comedian to most and a ‘shit-haired cunt’ to some.


Fiztbillies is shut (haven’t you heard?!) LEAF ARBUTHNOT explores your other options.

Bish Bash Bosh

LIZZIE BENNETT argues that the contentious issue of female bishops is more complex than it may seem.

An UnPOPEular Arrest

TABATHA LEGGETT speculates over Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens’ attempt to arrest the Pope.

Soul-ed Out: Club Battles Catholics

Soul Tree has applied for planning permission to build an outdoor terrace, angering the Cambridge University Catholic Association.

Jess Murray

Creationists Need a Helpful Slap

What A Cult

A French wiccan has sparked panic in Cambridge over plans to open an occult centre in the city, and target University students.