Chris Bannon

Last Japan

CHRIS BANNON: “With… some more solid line ups in the store the last ents of this term are not to be missed.”

Album Choice: Summer 2010

The Tab Music Team pick some of their favourite albums of the summer.

Updated: Review and Interviews: Robinson May Ball

LEONIE JAMES: ‘Not as classy as some of the main balls, but a hell of a lot of fun, and definitely worth the ticket price, Robinson was a great night out.’

Album Round-Up

The Tab’s reviews of the last fortnight’s album releases…

Album Round-Up

The Tab music team fortnightly round up of the new releases.

The Tab’s Album Round Up

JORDAN BICKERTON and CHRIS BANNON can’t understand the Courteeners and are annoyed with Alkaline Trio

The Tab’s Album Round Up

CHRIS BANNON and GEORGE OSBORN mull over Marina Diamandis and punch in Peter Gabriel

Review: Lostprophets

CHRIS BANNON got all that he expected from Lost Prophets, if nothing more.

The Tab’s Album Round Up

This week, GEORGE OSBORN and CHRIS BANNON kick Kei$ha and man hug Massive Attack