CUSU Cash Crisis

UPDATE: Queens’ JCR President considers pulling his college out of CUSU after yesterday’s biscuit-gate revelation.

T C mesS: Union Paper Pulled After CUSU Cock-up

Amid accusations of censorship, illegality and CUSU meddling the union-run newspaper TCS was unable to be printed on time this week.

NU-yeS For CUSU In Election

‘YES’ campaign triumphs in referendum on the NUS.

Chigbo Guilty Of Election Abuses

CUSU president Tom Chigbo has been reprimanded for breaking key election rules relating to the NUS referendum which opened today.

Confusion Reigns At CUSU

A key meeting of the CUSU Council broke up in confusion on Tuesday night.

Chigbo Facing Crucial CUSU Vote

CUSU was today split down the middle by a row over its membership of the National Union of Students.

CUSU Condoms Sabotaged

Saboteurs are piercing holes through condoms which are left unsecured in the CUSU office and then sold to JCRs.

Mandelson’s Tuition Fee Trouble

A review on tuition fees could result in a dramatic rise in student costs.

Chigbo’s Power Play

CUSU President Tom Chigbo named one of the 100 most powerful black people in the UK