charlotte ivers

Cambridge’s next Vice Chancellor: Our Top Ten

Defo Obama amirite?

State of the Union: Charlotte Ivers wins presidential election

And by a landslide: 517, to Sachin Parathalingam’s 304 votes.

Tab Meets: Big Fish Ents

We talk to Louise, Cambridge’s biggest club promoter

Michaelmas Columnists 2014 Revealed

Cantabrigians, please, welcome to the stage this term’s Tab columnists: Adrian, Charlotte, Ellie and Milo!

My Worst Freshers’ Mistake

Nervous about making a mess of your Freshers’ Week? Take note of the shortcomings of your ancesters…

Cambridge A-Z, Part 3

Finish off the alphabet of wisdom with the final slice of our vital Freshers Guide.

Cambridge A-Z, Part 2

Wise up on plodges, May Week and why everyone hates John’s with Part 2 of our essential Freshers Guide

Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

Literally everything you need to know as a Fresher coming to Cambridge in 2014.

Game of Genres Week 3

Have your say Cambridge – will it be EDM, Rock or Acoustic that wins this week?

Blind Date: the aftermath

The Tab Team went RAG Blind Dating last night. Read up on their exploits here…

And The Horse You Rode In On

This thought provoking student written play is well worth a trek in the cold, advises CHARLOTTE IVERS.

Tab Tries: Not Being a Feminist

CHARLOTTE IVERS explores the other side as an anti-feminist…

How To Fob Off A Visiting Friend

Got a friend staying this weekend who you just can’t afford to spend time with? CHARLOTTE IVERS tells you how to fob off the unwanted weekender so that you can get your library on…

Insecure Over Your Intelligence? You’re Not A Special Snowflake Now

CHARLOTTE IVERS feels stupid now, and so should you – but isn’t it liberating?

The King and Queen of the Universe

CHARLOTTE IVERS is impressed by a play which casts a critical light on society as we know it.