Charlie Palmer

Charlie Palmer – Make Some Friends

CHARLIE PALMER tells you to get off your arse and make some damn friends.

Charlie Palmer – How to be a dick in Exam term

CHARLIE PALMER really quite likes Easter term, and he’s sick to death of people who act like it’s the worst thing ever.

Charlie Palmer – Everyone should try stand-up

This week, CHARLIE PALMER wants to convince you to give stand-up a chance.

Charlie Palmer – Stop patronising football fans

CHARLIE PALMER is sick to death of being mocked for his love of Football.

Charlie Palmer – Stop arguing about pointless shite

CHARLIE PALMER is here with some vital advice that could just save all of your friendships from destruction and ruin.

Meet the Easter term Columnists

From identical twins to hilariously unique surnames, our shiny new columnists have it all…

Anchorman 2

CHARLIE PALMER reviews Anchorman 2. It’s pretty good.


CHLOE COLEMAN finds an hour of comedy with no plot line or common thread refreshingly simple, yet reliably funny

Four Comedic Porpoises

FRANKIE ROGERS is bemused but entertained by a night of comedy which never fully comes together.

Varsity Dodgeball: (Almost) A True Underdog Story

DODGEBALL: Cambridge’s Average Joes don’t quite master the five Ds.

Corpus Smoker

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO and ALICE CARR wonder who will take over Pierre Novellie’s crown when the king steps down at the Corpus Smoker this week.

Footlights Smoker

ELLIE OGILVIE and a singleton audience lift their hearts with a Footlights Smoker.